The great railway adventure

The three of us decided to travel by train from the south of Vietnam to the UK. We flew from Australia and began our trip in Cambodia, where the train lines aren’t in use. In the end, the first train we took was from Ho Chi Minh.

After 43 days of travel, 11 train rides, 10 countries and many crazy adventures, we finally made it to the English countryside. We met tons of interesting people along the way and saw some of the Wonders of the World. We tried all sorts of cuisine and beers, and took well over 3,500 photos between us.

Photo: The Trans-Mongolian winding its way through the Mongolian countryside just outside Ulaan Bataar.



    1. Yes, it was truly memorable. We are super lucky to have so many great memories from each of our train rides from Vietnam to London (the good, the bad and the uncomfortable). I’m glad you enjoyed the train ride to Hue!

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